Weather Impact on Different Internet Connections

Weather Impact on Different Internet Connections

The impact of weather on internet connections is inevitable. Since the cable wires run underground, throughout the city and under the sea, and hanging overhead, they are bound to be disrupted by the changes in the weather. Wires could break down and that might cause disruption since internet connections cannot be delivered to households. Underwater cables that are installed miles underneath the sea, when affected, can cause disturbance in the internet connections of the whole country. When the weather changes are too small, they don’t completely affect any internet connections.


But the weather changes are inevitable and in this article, we will discuss how different types of internet connections are affected by the weather.


Fiber Connection

Fiber internet connection is delivered by fiber-optic cables that are installed underground and underwater throughout the region. Fiber cable lines are buried around three to four feet deep so that they are protected from any above-the-ground erosion such as cars running over wires, being dug up, or any weather disruption. So normally the fiber-optic lines aren’t affected by rain, wind, or snow.


Cable Internet 

The cable internet connection depends on coaxial cable wires running underground. These wires are made of sturdy material that can also handle different weather conditions. Most of the internet connections in the US are run through cable internet services. For instance, Comcast internet is widely known for its reliable cable internet provision.


Usually, the material that a cable internet connection is made of can withstand many weather conditions and that would not affect your internet connection. But heavy windstorms might. Power lines are usually knocked down by heavy rainfalls and wind movement, and as a result, many households that depended on those power lines for internet connection do not get any.


DSL Internet

The DSL internet connection also runs on the infrastructure of wires under the city ground, hence, that also makes them a secure connection. Moreover, they are double coated in hard plastic so that they are protected from any common weather changes.


That is not to say that DSL internet connection isn’t affected by the weather, it definitely is. And since DSL connection delivers slow to the average speed internet connection, the harsh weather conditions could completely cut down the internet.


Satellite Internet

Satellite internet connections do not rely on grounded cable lines. Instead, it is connected to space technology so that it can send and receive data through open-air conditions. This definitely makes satellite internet connections susceptible to disruption.


Internet connection is delivered through three satellites, placed in different locations. One dish is at the internet service provider’s main hub, the other is at the subscriber’s location, and the third one is up in space orbiting the Earth. And anything that comes between either of these connections is interfering with the internet signal, and in turn, affecting the internet speed in your home.


Due to bad weather conditions, the transmission of satellite internet connection is completely disrupted. These weather conditions can be rainstorms, heavy winds, and heavy snowfalls.


Final Thoughts: What You Can Do During Bad Weather Conditions

There might be some things you can try if your internet connection is slow during a storm or any weather changes.


  • Try restarting your router. It will be like refreshing your router or resetting it. It is an easy way to troubleshoot any internet issues.
  • If your router is placed in another room in the house and you are using your device in another, that can slow down the internet connection too. Make sure you are using the device in the same room as where the router is placed.
  • Since the network connection gets slower due to bad weather conditions, upgrading to a faster internet speed plan might be a good idea. Because different online activities have different bandwidth requirements. If you are playing online multiplayer games, you might need faster internet speeds. Hence, get a faster internet plan to avoid any disruption in the game.


In summary, bad weather conditions will affect your internet connections and slow it down on your devices. You could try some of the things mentioned above; these are the ones in your control. Otherwise, ride it out through the stormy weather and wait for it to end so that you can continue using the internet.