The way in to THE best Avocado Toast!⁣

The way in to THE best Avocado Toast!⁣⁣

I essentially eat this each and every day since I can’t get enough and I’ve at last consummated to the best custom made avo toast:⁣

+ Excessively toasted bread: nobody enjoys a delicate piece of toast to hold all that avocado.I use either @daveskillerbread or @traderjoes sourdough bread.⁣

+ Avocado: I utilize half of an avocado, juice from half of a lime, onion powder, garlic salt, and paprika. Pound with a fork until a smooth consistency.⁣

+ Final details: Whenever bread is toasted, place crushed avocado onto bread, sprinkle nectar onto avocado, place one just right egg, polish off with EBTB preparing (obviously!!) and red pepper flakes.⁣

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