Rock Tv Boss: Mary Remmy Njoku Reveals Her Son’s Birth Story As He Turns 8

ROK Tv boss, Mary Remmy Njoku has opened up on how her son was born as he turned 8 today, July 30.

The actress recalled that while in labour, she and her husband were told that their son will be born through a Caesarean section as he was hanging on his umbilical cord and ready to come out with his legs.

Mary however disclosed that the doctor assurred them that CS is the safest way to birth and it turned out that way.

She Wrote;

“At this time, exactly 8yrs ago, I was in labor. Lying down on a hospital bed, waiting impatiently for this special son of mine.

He was hanging on to the unbilical cord, prepared to come out with his legs. I guess his Igbo head was too big

We were told it had to be a CS. @jasonnjoku was fine. I was scared.

My mum entered prayer mode, Quoting the ‘Hebrew’ woman line from the Bible. The good doctor re-assured us that it’s the safest way to birth. And it is.”