Jobs You Can Do Without A Work Permit in Canada

Jobs You Can Do Without A Work Permit in Canada

It is no longer a doubt that most people want to work in Canada, this alone has paved the way for many related questions.

One of the most popular questions I have received lately is based on what work can one do without a work permit in Canada.


The fashion of working in Canada will one way or another other require a work permit, most work permits are given to you by your employer.


As a result of this, the need to work without a work permit becomes the question of the day. In this article, I will be listing out several jobs that you may wish to engage in Canada, and luckily these jobs do not in any way need a work permit as a requirement.


Jobs You Can Do without A Work Permit in Canada


Canada is known to house thousands of job opportunities, both for its citizens and migrants. If you are planning to travel to Canada as a means to get work, then that is a good idea. 


But the unfortunate part of this is, in most cases, you will certainly need a work permit to get certain jobs in Canada. In this article, I am not based on such types of jobs, rather, I am more concerned about the work that does not require a work permit in Canada.

Some of them are as follows:


  • Emergency Service Provider

Today, There Are Several Emergency Providers Available, Remember the Case of Covid-19 Where Most Medical Practitioners Had to Travel to Other Countries. Aside from Medical Services, There Are Also Appraisers and Provincially Licensed Insurance Adjusters.

These types of work do not necessarily need a work permit, often, once you complete the assigned task you will have to come back to your initial country.


  • Public Speaker.

Public speakers like seminarians, celebrities, and so on, do not necessarily need a work permit to work in Canada. Most celebrities who often perform shows in other countries, specifically Canada, will certainly not need to get a work permit to carry out the necessary work.


  • Event Planning and Organization

If you possess certain skills, such as planning and organizing an event, on some occasions you will be given work to do. You can be contacted on occasions like consumer shows, exhibitions, and so on. You don’t necessarily need a work permit to gain entry into Canada for this.


  • Clergy

This is related to religious practices. Today, most clergies travel all over the world to carry out certain religious programs and conferences. In scenarios like this, you do not need a work permit to gain entrance into Canada.


If you are a local clergy and currently gaining prominence worldwide, this is a perfect way to gain entrance into Canada even without a work permit.


  • Sport officials

Sports officials such as referees, personally do not need a work permit to gain entrance into Canada. Today every sport carried out in some way needs a referee and some other officials related to the game being played. In that case, if you take responsibility for a certain position, then you are good to go.


  • Military personnel

In times of ethnic or regional conflicts, countries with more military power often send a large number of military personnel to the affected country.   This is common in the contemporary world, if you happen to be military personnel, then, this is a way to gain entry into Canada without a work permit.


  • Business visitor

Most companies tend to have in-house visitors, these visitors may come from within the country or from other countries. If you happen to be a business visitor for a company in Canada, then you need not be bothered about getting a work permit.


  • Research

Most people travel to Canada to carry out intensive empirical and scientific research probably for their theses or dissertations.  This is not limited to academy settings only, business to engages in research from other equipped settings.  If you are entitled to carry out research in Canada, then you do not need a work permit.


  • Examiner

Most associate professors and professors are often invited by a particular institution to carry out supervision on an exam, or probably, to evaluate a particular concept. In cases like this, you do not need a work permit to gain entrance into Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get a Job Without A Work Permit in Canada?


The answer is Yes, there are several available jobs available in Canada that do not necessarily require you to apply for a work permit. Some can be through invitation, while others might require you to contact certain bodies in control.

Some of the popular jobs which you can consider without a work permit are mentioned and discussed above.


How Long Can I Work Without A Work Permit in Canada?


There isn’t any stipulated duration to work without a work permit in Canada, it all depends on the duration it will take you to complete the work in Canada. Some work can take just 1 week, while others can take as much as 6 months to 2 years. It varies based on the work.


What Happens if I Work Illegally in Canada?


The simple answer is, you will have to leave Canada, meaning, you will be deported back to your country of residence.




There are several ways you can work in Canada, one of them is applying for a work permit, which is often given by the employer itself, while the other is working without a work permit.

There are several jobs available in Canada for those interested in working in Canada without a work permit, it all depends on the type of work you decide to choose.

In this article, I have been able to explain various works you can consider in Canada without a work permit.