what my favorite meal is right now ?

If you were to ask me what my #1 feast is at the present time, it was effectively be this bowl 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 Breakfast, lunch or supper. ⁣

Brimming with protein, sound fats and carbs. So delightful and keeps me full for quite a long time. Continuously, obviously, adding EBTB preparing to it.⁣


+ Slashed sweet potatoes⁣

+ Hash earthy colors or sub for earthy colored rice⁣

+ Slashed red or yellow onion⁣

+ Modest bunch of spinach⁣

+ Slashed avocado⁣

+ Just right or over-simple egg⁣

+ EBTB preparing or any flavoring you want⁣

+ Diced one yam into little blocks, slashed onions and put both in a goulash dish with olive oil, garlic salt and pepper⁣. (I utilize the left over prepared yam for dinners consistently)

+ Cooked at 375° for 25-30 mins⁣

+ Spot hash browns in a skillet with olive oil or margarine with salt and pepper⁣

+ Cook egg and spinach in same skillet⁣

+ Spot all fixings in a bowl and complete with preparing. The best!!⁣

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