Glad Mound Day! Glad A day ago of September!⁣ ⁣ Endured one more month an…

Upbeat Protuberance Day! Upbeat A day ago of September!⁣

Endured one more month and just 3 additional months of this current year, how are you doing do before it ends?!⁣

Woke up toward the beginning of today and needed to take a stab at something new and turned out wayyyyyy better than I anticipated. These Egg Whites Loaded down with Avocado will be my new most loved breakfast.⁣


+ Hard bubble eggs, new or store bought⁣

+ 1 full avocado⁣


+ EBTB Seasoning⁣

+ Paprika⁣

+ Onion Powder⁣

+ Garlic Salt⁣

+ A large portion of a lime⁣

+ Siracha⁣


+ Cook eggs in bubbling water for 15-17, it’s been so difficult for me to figure out the correct time however this worked for me, the long the better!⁣

+ Prep avocado while eggs are cooking, crush avocado in a bowl with lime, paprika, onion powder and garlic salt. Crush until a smooth surface throughout.⁣

+ Whenever eggs are done, place in super cold water for 3 mins. Thereafter, strip eggs and scoop out the yolk. Whenever cooked totally, they should fall right out.⁣

+ Burden your eggs with a spoonful of the avocado. Enhancement with EBTB preparing and siracha.

This is the awesome leaving all the more so full! Gimme all the choices to stuff in my eggs!🤍👏🏻🍳⁣

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