Organic product Filled Bow Rolls🍓⁣

Organic product Filled Bow Rolls🍓⁣

I’m not normally one with a sweet tooth but rather these were simply too acceptable to even consider leaving behind. Plans don’t generally Need to be solid right? In the event that you need to attempt it, attempt it! Brisk and simple for a bite or breakfast. Switch up the filling to your desire.⁣


+ 1 can sickle rolls⁣

+ Product of your decision, I utilized strawberries and raspberries⁣

+ Jam of your decision, I utilized @traderjoes raspberry jam⁣

+ Shrewd equilibrium butter⁣

+ Cinnamon⁣


+ Preheat broiler to 350°⁣

+ Shower preparing sheet with olive oil⁣

+ Unroll bow folds and separate into 4 pieces or how large you need your pieces.⁣

+ Spread a far layer of jam with a spoon on the rolls⁣

+ Add diced organic product, I utilized one diced strawberry and a couple of crushed raspberries per roll.⁣

+ Move up rolls and spread margarine onto the top. Add cinnamon⁣

+ Heat at 350° for 20 mins⁣

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