Daniel Brocklebank, Who Plays Billy Mayhew, Has Opened Up About His Character’s Desolation

In scenes set to air next week, Todd’s game is up after his young accomplice Will deceive him, telling Summer Spellman about Todd’s crimes and sending Paul Foreman proof that Todd had orchestrated his preceding split from Billy.

Speaking about the long-awaited reveal, Daniel told The Mirror that Billy is “devastated” when Todd is finally exposed at the charity calendar’s launch party next week.

“Billy is dumbfound and humiliated when he finds out,” the actor revealed. “As duplicitous as Todd has always been with other characters, he was never like that with Billy.

“Obviously, Todd did it because he had genuine feelings for Billy and wanted him back, but he of course went about it in the wrong way.”

Corrie fans will have to wait and see what happens next for Billy and Todd, especially after Todd is arrested for theft and led away to custody in front of Weather field’s residents.

Has Todd lost Billy for good now that the truth’s out, or does an upcoming emergency with Summer hint at future forgiveness?