Chilly climate and PASTA!


+ 1 box or sack of earthy colored rice or chickpea pasta⁣

+ 1 pound lean ground Turkey⁣

+ 1 container of Alfredo⁣ ( I lean toward @traderjoes )

+ 1 container marinara sauce (@raoshomemade is the best)⁣

+ 1-2 cup of cheese⁣

+ Garlic salt, bean stew powder, parsley ⁣


+ Earthy colored turkey, channel and blend in with pureed tomatoes. Add bean stew powder, parsley and garlic salt⁣

+ Cook pasta per parcel guidelines. When cooked, blend in with Alfredo sauce⁣

+ Spot pasta at the lower part of goulash dish, cover with meat, add cheddar on top⁣

+Cook at 350° for 15 mins covered, take foil off and cook for 15 more mins.⁣

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