Canada Student Visa -How to Apply

Canada Student Visa

Canada is one of the most notable countries having over 120, 000 international students regularly. A large number of students choose to study in Canada most especially due to its inquisitive educational standards which you will certainly find in most Canadian institutions.

It is a country known to house the majority of the popular institutions in the world, both government and privately owned institutions.


Institutions in Canada are known to provide high-quality academic research in basically all areas of specialization.

Whether you are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate program, there is always a due process you need to follow. A large number of students often find it extremely difficult to apply for a student visa in Canada. If that has been your constraint over time, then you ought to consider reading this article before your next try.


Canada Study Permit


A study permit is an essential document needed by you if you want to study in Canada. The Canada study permit is a government-issued document that provides you with permission to study in any institution in Canada.

As an international student wanting to study in Canada, having your study permit should be considered a priority, because, without a Canada, study permit you won’t be licensed to study in Canada, whether for an undergraduate or postgraduate program.


Documents Needed for Canada Student Visa


Before applying for a Canada student visa, you need to make sure all the necessary and required documents are made available. Most people wanting to study in Canada often find this area extremely difficult. But don’t worry, I will be disclosing all documents needed to apply for a Canada study visa.


  1. Passport

This is the first document you need to have before applying for a Canada student visa. Also, another factor that you need to consider is the duration of your passport. You must ensure that the duration available on your passport must be in line with the length of time your study will take in Canada.

For example, if you intend to travel to Canada in January 2022, for an program which will take about 1 year and 4 months, you must ensure that the duration available on your passport isn’t less than the length available for your study program.


  1. Proof of available funds

When applying for a Canada student visa, it is important to consider having a certain amount of money.  If you aren’t going on a scholarship grant, then you have to ensure a reliable source of income throughout your stay in the country.

When making your application, you will be required to provide proof of available funds, this is to ensure that you have enough money that will cover all your fees needed, such as tuition fees, rent, etc.


As of October 2022, it is required that every international student must have at least 10, 000 CAD. Some of the methods that can be used to prove that you have enough funds are as follows:

  1. Canadian bank account
  2. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution
  3. A student loan or education loan
  4. Bank statements for the past 4 months
  5. Bank draft (it should be convertible to Canadian dollars)
  6. Proof of paid tuition and housing fee
  7. Letter from a person or school that has provided you with funds
  8. Proof of funding paid from within Canada (in case of a scholarship or a Canadian-funded educational program).


3. Passport-size photograph.

If you are applying for a Canada student visa, you will need a passport-size photograph. It all depends on the mode of application you are up to. If you are considering an offline method of application, then you will be needing about 2 passport-size photographs, while, if you are considering an online application, then you will certainly need a digital copy of your passport, which must not exceed 4Mb.

When choosing a passport, you must be strict about it, in terms of your facial appearance, background images, and distortive images. Make sure the background is plain, as well as, the absence of any form of blur around your images, if you are applying online, then you will have to consider making the passport look good, or probably, using a third-party application.

While for offline application, you will have to consider a certain size for your passport, an acceptable passport size photograph must be 35mm by 45mm, at both sizes.

The image must not be 6 months older, this is applicable for both online and offline applications, you must consider taking a new photo if you are unsure about how long your photograph is. For offline applications, make sure to write your name boldly on the back of your passport.  

4. Proof of English proficiency

As proof that you can read and write in English, you will need to undergo some English proficiency tests, although this depends on the institution. The most common English proficiency tests are TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

The English proficiency test type all have their method of application, you can check out for an expert on how to successfully go about this.  

5. Statement of purpose.

The main purpose of traveling is to study. However, it is important to consider writing an essay describing your main intentions for traveling. The essay will contain information such as why you have chosen a certain institution, why Canada, etc. Also, this isn’t necessary for all institutions, but it is recommended to consider attaching it to your application.  

6. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

Immigration Medical Examination is another important aspect of applying for a Canada study visa. This is necessary for all international students. The main aim of an IME is to show proof that you are free from any medical issues.

It is important to consider doing this day before the application, for example, if you are to apply for a Canada student visa, you need to consider taking the IME exam about 6 days back.  The best way to do this successfully is to book a section with the doctor, this helps to provide the doctor with sufficient space to carry out all the necessary tests.  

7. Proof of acceptance by an institution

It is important to consider applying for a Canada study visa, once you have been given an acceptance letter from your desired learning institution. The letter must be duly recognized by the immigration department.  

8. Using a Credit Card for Payment

Unfortunately, payment can not be made with a debit card, in that case, you are only allowed to make payment for your applications using a credit card as a method of Payment.

If you do not own a credit card, then you can consider using other people’s own, probably, your siblings or friends. The amount needed to be paid is based on the country you are up to.  

How to Apply for A Canada Study Visa?


Once you have the aforementioned documents, you can begin the application process.

Choose the method of application, you can either consider applying for a Canada student visa, either online or offline (on paper). Both methods of making payment require certain guidelines and instructions that need to be adhered to by you, to successfully submit your application.  

  • Online Application.

With the online application, things are more convenient than with the other method of application. Some of the equipment needed for a successful online application is A Digital Scanner, for scanning the necessary document. Since you will be making payment online, you will be needing a credit card payment method, as I mentioned earlier.

The VAC, also known as Visa Application Centre, in this place, you will be required to carry out a fingerprint scan for verification, as well as a physical passport, with your name written on the back of the passport, to go along with your payment receipt for payment verification.  

  1. Offline Application (On Paper)

Applying for a Canada study visa offline isn’t an acceptable method of application, however, most people are allowed to apply on paper, only on two occasions, 1. Being Disabled, People who have certain disabilities that prevent them from applying online can consider applying offline, and 2. If you possess the identity of a non-resident.

Before carrying out the offline application, it is important to consider downloading the Application guide, which provides you with every information needed for the application.

At this stage, you should be acquainted with what is necessary for applying for a Canada study visa, first, ensure to fill out the VFS consent form, and once done, attach it with your application form.

Then, consider making the necessary payment for the processing fee. After that, submit your application with the necessary documents to the nearest VFS office. Take note of your tracking number, it will be used to track the progress of your application.  

Visa Processing Time


It is important to consider knowing the estimated time taken to process a Visa. As a general rule of thumb, the Canada Student Visa Application often takes about 12 weeks. To be conscious of the estimated time, it is important to consider checking the Canada consulate website for more information.

That is, after applying for a Canada student visa, you will have to wait for approximately 12 weeks, before receiving the permit.  



Applying for a Canada study visa can be very difficult, especially if you are unable to find the perfect guide that will provide you with all the necessary information required.

However, in this article, I have been able to simplify the process involved in applying for a Canada study visa. The methods stated above are strictly applicable to all international students regardless of their country of residence.